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Disposition Roulette Pt 1

Here in the good ole’ NYC, while our dispatchers usually dispatch us first by radio — giving us the call type and cross-streets, hell, assigning the correct unit! as their daily horoscope dictates — we then receive the call’s “details” on our “computer” attached to our ambulance. Often, this consists of an address that is hopefully correct (no, our dispatchers are not required to confirm the existence of a street address before dispatching), the general type of call, a segment number (yes lights and sirens, no lights and sirens, yes ALS, no ALS, etc), and some kind of dispatcher input that as often says “No further information” as it does “pt sts space aliens stole his brain.”

Now, the premise of disposition roulette is as follows: I list the general gist of the entry we receive on our KDT. My partner then guess what the call’s gonna be, and if a transport, to what hospital. Based on the often wildly inaccurate text. Hence the roulette reference. Fun game, yes? This TL;DR explanation won’t be included in all the posts, so I’ll create a new tag for this kind of post.
  1. Segment 7: Bipolar acting out on street, 3rd party caller:

    ME: Totally, totally GOA. 96.
    PARTNER: Eh, you’re probably right, but for the sake of argument, I say it’s a 91 dispute. 

REALITY: Bipolar indvidual who didn’t call for himself as per the text, was probably acting out on street but didn’t stay in once place — and isn’t at the specified cross-streets when we pull-up — because he’s not, actually, a tree. 10-96.

Behold the mighty god of fortune, forever at the whim of he am I.

Behold the mighty god of fortune, forever at the whim of he am I.

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